Hot Water Heaters

Hot Water Heaters

Bradford Hot Water HeatersIf your hot water heater needs repair or you need a new water heater, our professional plumbing contractors are available seven days a week so you don’t have to go without hot water for too long. Although we can install or maintain any water heater, we proudly recommend Bradford White water heaters for their 10 year warranty. One of the best on the market.

We also recommend that you have your hot water heater inspected each year, regardless of whether or not you’re having any problems with it. That’s because finding potential problems with your water heater now can prevent more costly repairs and even home damage later.

Six Key Items We Check During a Hot Water Heater Inspection:

  1. Tank – We check the tank for accumulated sediment which can decrease the efficiency of your water heater and clog water lines.
  2. Anode Rod – We check the condition of the anode rod because it protects your water heater tank and other components from rusting. Replacing corroded anode rods can also significantly extend the life of your water heater.
  3. Flame and Gas Venting – We check for proper flame and gas venting. Without proper ventilation, dangerous carbon monoxide can build up in your home.
  4. Heating Element – On electric models, we check the heating element for calcium build-up, corrosion and other damage, as units with damaged elements use more electricity.
  5. Pressure Relief Valve – We check the pressure relief valve to make sure it’s operating properly because over-pressurized tanks can rupture or explode.
  6. Thermostat – We check to make sure the thermostat is working properly to ensure the highest energy efficiency from your unit and to protect your family from scalding water.

Tankless Water Heaters

Bradford Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are also known as instant water heaters. These units make sense for homeowners for several reasons, especially for vacation homes. Here are some reasons to consider a tankless water heater over a traditional unit:

  • Tankless water heaters conserve energy. Traditional water heaters have a tank that is constantly filled with water. The traditional water heater provides hot water in your home by constantly heating the water in the tank to maintain it at a set temperature. Tankless water heaters work differently, heating water by activating a set of coils that become hot when the unit is turned on. As the water passes over the coils, it is heated. Tankless water heaters conserve energy by only heating the amount of water needed at the time it is needed.
  • Tankless water heaters are perfect for vacation and second homes. When you’re not there, it is always wise to turn off any appliances and utilities not in use to save money and protect your property.
  • Tankless water heaters eliminate the risk of a leaking water heater tank, the cost of leaving the water heater running when the house is not in use and the long wait while the gallons and gallons of water in the tank reach the desired temperature.

For water heater repair, inspection, installation or replacement services, call Same Day Service Plumbing, Heating and Air, Inc. today. Be sure to ask about the many energy-efficient water heaters we have available for sale. Our water heater experts will help you to choose the right unit to help you save energy and money.

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