How to Get Your Plumbing System Ready for the Big Game

How to Get Your Plumbing System Ready for the Big Game

How to Get Your Plumbing System Ready for the Big Game

It’s almost time for America’s biggest football game, which means it is nearly time for Superbowl parties and the festivities that go along with them.

Sports fans and those just looking to watch an entertaining piece of American history tune into the big game every year, with many planning parties and get-together around the program. When planning those parties, it’s easy to make lists of snacks, drinks, and other party necessities to attend to, but few hosts think about whether their home is truly capable of handling a large gathering like a game night party – especially so soon after the holidays!

Here are a few ways to make sure your plumbing, in particular, is ready for the big game – and you can relax and enjoy the party!

Cut the Grease

Yes, greasy food is the traditional football party fair. However, that residual grease can be hard on dishwashers, food disposals, and sink drains. If you do serve greasy food, dispose of it in the trash before washing your dishes.

Make Waste Baskets Accessible

To discourage guests from tossing anything into the toilet that shouldn’t be flushed, make trash cans easy to see and access – even for children. This is especially important since flushing anything other than toilet paper can cause major clogs. Providing enough trash disposal options will keep your partygoers from throwing diapers, wipes, feminine products, or anything else where it doesn’t belong.

Don’t Overwork Your Plumbing System

You can’t keep your guests from using the bathroom and you don’t want to prevent them from washing their hands, but you can control how much dishwashing and other events happen during that time. Don’t do laundry or other unnecessary uses of water during game night and be careful not to overload your dishwasher so as not to cause too much strain on your home’s plumbing.

If the party is at your house this year, give us a call at Same Day Service Plumbing. We can help you make sure your home is comfortable, clean, and ready to host as many football fans as you’d like.



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