Weird Stuff Found in Toilets You Have to See to Believe!

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Weird Stuff Found in Toilets You Have to See to Believe!

Being a plumber might not be the world’s most glamorous job, but it’s never dull. For these everyday heroes, being up to one’s elbows in muck is all part of a day’s work. Have you ever wondered what plumbers talk about when they get together? Let us share a few examples of some of the strangest of the strange finds ever discovered within the bowels of ordinary sewer systems.

Finders Keepers

Most of the time, clogged pipes are caused by some kind of paper build-up. Massive amounts of toilet paper, feminine products, wet wipes and paper towels lead the list of likely culprits. But — money?

Imagine Chamindu Amarsinghe’s surprise when he unearthed $93,000 stashed in the trash and clogging the pipes of a Australian toilet in 2011. The honest janitor immediately contacted the police, but authorities never learned the source of the windfall. As a reward, a benevolent judge handsomely awarded Amarsinghe a hefty $76,000 sum. Now that’s quite a wad!

Dog Clog or Snaking The Toilet

It’s not unheard of for unfortunate animals to wind up stuck in a commode. Internet searches turn up all sorts of creatures, both dead and alive. Snakes and sharks and spiders, oh my! How about coming face to face with a 12-foot python coiled up inside your toilet bowl or seeing a half-drowned squirrel take a swim? While bumping into a boa constrictor in the bathroom may still your beating heart, this story may well steal it.

A British toddler thought his cocker spaniel puppy needed a bath. The toilet was the perfect height for the four-year-old, who decided to add more water with a single flush. In an instant, the poor little pup disappeared down the drain, but fortunately, he didn’t drown. With the help of a snake camera, plumbers discovered the dazed dog in the pipes and retrieved him via a nearby manhole. You can bet when the ordeal was over, that doggie really was due for a bath!

Playing ‘Possum

Another cute creature somehow survived a swim in the sewer. A man living near Dallas discovered a baby opossum in his toilet and figured the lost little guy must have traveled through at least 50 feet of water-filled pipes to arrive at his destination. What should you do if you find a waterlogged opossum or other wild animal in your commode? Probably contacting a plumber would not be your best bet. Instead, consider making a call to your local animal control.

Port O’Potty

For claustrophobic reasons, most people spend as little time as possible in port-o-potties. The smell of raw sewage and overtly pungent chemicals guarantee that the time spent inside these modern-day outhouses will be a few seconds more than how long you can hold your breath. Now imagine this: You’ve locked yourself inside, turn around and glance into the dark, disgusting hole — only to see two eyes peering back up at you. That’s right: Oklahoma police arrested a 52-year-old man crouched in hiding amid the waste. The Port-o-Potty Peeping Tom claimed he had been hit in the head and stuffed inside by his girlfriend, but it turned out his outrageous tale was just a load of doo-doo.

Indentured servant

Clogged pipes rarely make anyone smile, unless you’re Larry Michaels from Texas, that is. The airport plumber has retrieved all kinds of valuables that succumbed to the automatic flusher, including a $10,000 bracelet, a bag of marijuana, a brand new iPhone and the occasional wallet. One day he responded to a maintenance call to fix a backed-up toilet in the airport’s men’s room. To his surprise, what emerged from the pipes was a complete set of dentures grinning back at him.

“What do you do with a set of dentures you find in a toilet,” he says. “Who would want them back?”

Now hanging on a wall in the maintenance room closet are the unclaimed dentures with a pair of orphaned sunglasses resting on top, There’s an obvious name Larry gave his creation, a sort of talisman to the plumbing profession and a nod to the Porcelain God – “John.”

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