Things You Didn’t Know About Your Garbage Disposal

Things You Didn’t Know About Your Garbage Disposal

Things You Didn’t Know About Your Garbage Disposal

With the approaching holidays and the traditional feasts that accompany them, your garbage disposal will be working overtime trying to keep up with you and the massive amounts of food being prepared. It’s easy to dismiss garbage disposals as the black hole in your sink that whisks away unwanted food scraps in the blink of an eye but they are like any other machine when it comes to maintenance and care.

It can’t take everything. Despite common belief, your garbage disposal can’t stand up to certain items like popcorn kernels, bones, fibrous things like celery stalks and corn husks, etc. These things are better off going in the trashcan or your compost pile (minus the bones!)

Don’t over stuff your disposal. You should never stuff your disposal to the brim because you will just end up with a clogged sink and a bad time. Split your scraps into batches or grind on the go.

Use cold water. Hot water will melt fats and grease that will harden in your pipes later. Cold water will just whisk away food particles. It’s a good practice to let your water run about 15 seconds to make sure everything is gone and not trapped in the compartment to cause nasty smells later.

Clean it properly. Never pour liquid plumbing cleaners into your garbage disposal. Instead, try grinding some citrus peel for a nice scent as well as a natural clean. Some suggest to use ice cubes made of vinegar once a month for a squeaky clean. If in doubt, there are cleaning drops sold at most grocery stores that are specifically for your disposal.

Hopefully these tips, tricks and tidbits will help you understand how to use your garbage disposal to your advantage this holiday season and any other time you need it. As a final bonus tidbit: Did you know that one of the original nicknames for the disposal was “the electric pig?”

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