Full House This Thanksgiving? Here’s How You Can Keep Your House Comfortable

Full House This Thanksgiving? Here’s How You Can Keep Your House Comfortable

Most people don’t think of energy efficiency when they think of Thanksgiving. However, America’s
favorite dinner date doesn’t have to be all about waste. You can enjoy the decadence of delicious food
from start to finish while still minding your energy budget! Here’s how:

Step Away from the Oven

When possible, try using other devices in your kitchen to prepare your feast instead of the oven. From
your slow cooker to your toaster oven – an even your microwave – there are many ways to cook up a
fantastic meal without relying exclusively on your oven and stovetop. (And most of them use much less

No Peeking!

It can be tempting to give your turkey and sides a regular peek every now and then as they cook but
consider this: you lose a lot of energy every time you open that door. Your oven has to work overtime to
compensate for hot air escaping, so use the transparent door to check on your cooking – and keep lids
tight-fitting to keep heat working hard where it belongs!

Gather the Family – and the Side Dishes

While your turkey is cooking, try to use that heat to cook other dishes on your menu as well. If you have
casseroles, pies, or other dishes that require the heat of your oven, try to time and place them correctly
so that they can bake right alongside the turkey for added efficiency.

Recruit Cleanup Help

Rinsing dishes may make the washing process easier, but it also wastes a lot of energy. Ask your dining
guests to scrape their dishes as they finish and wash a single load in the washer rather than
handwashing between every course.

Save the Leftovers

Most people agree that leftovers are one of the best parts of Thanksgiving. They only stay that way if
you store them promptly and properly, though. Be sure to seal all leftover food in reusable containers
and refrigerate promptly. They’ll keep serving up delicious bites for days to come without much
additional energy cost.

Looking for more ways to keep your energy use as efficient as possible this Thanksgiving? Consult the
energy-efficiency experts here at Same Day Service Plumbing. We can help you ensure your plumbing,
HVAC, and more are ready for the demands of the day – and capable of keeping your on-budget for the

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