Don’t Forget Your Bathroom Plumbing When Doing Spring Cleaning

Don’t Forget Your Bathroom Plumbing When Doing Spring Cleaning

Spring is the season when a lot of us set aside time to do a thorough housecleaning, to get better organized, and to swap out winter clothes for shorts and T-shirts. But did you ever think of cleaning your bathroom plumbing while doing your spring cleaning? You should, because there are some simple things you can do in your bathroom to prevent plumbing problems.

Check out these spring plumbing tips:

  • Make sure all drains have strainers or filters to prevent items like hair, jewelry, toothpaste caps, and other small items from clogging your drains.
  • Clean faucet filters and shower heads. For faucets with filters and removable shower heads, detach these and place in a small container with vinegar for several hours or overnight. This will loosen mineral deposits and other debris. Then gently scrub off with an old toothbrush or scouring pad. Rinse clean with some cool water, dry and then reattach. This makes your faucets and shower heads work and look better, and helps keep debris out of your plumbing.
  • Check cabinets under bathroom sinks for signs of water or dampness, which could indicate a leak.
  • Turn the water valves located under sinks and behind your toilets one way and then back the other way a few times to keep them from sticking, and to prevent them from rusting in place.
  • Use vinegar or other cleaners designed for use in the toilet to thoroughly clean the inside of your toilet tanks.
  • Check toilets for leaks. To do this, add a few drops of food coloring to the toilet tank, and then check the toilet bowl in 30 minutes to see if the color appears there.  If it does, this usually means there is a problem with one or more of the tank’s components. Also check around the base of your toilets for signs of water. Water there could mean a problem with the seal underneath the toilet.

Call or contact us today if you find a leak in your bathroom, or if you have other plumbing problems that need repair.



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