Green Efficiency Products

Green Efficiency Products

Environmentally Friendly Products for Vallejo, Napa, Fairfield, Vacaville, Davis and Beniciato Help You “Go Green” and Save Money

air-conditioning-greenFrom energy-efficient water heaters, heating and air conditioning systems to drain cleaners that are safe for the environment, we love providing homeowners and our business customers with green alternatives. Call today to learn more about our green and energy-efficient products.

Our Green Products:


This effective drain conditioner uses friendly bacteria instead of chemicals to break down clogs, eliminate waste and keep drains flowing.


RootX is a foaming root-control chemical that is non-caustic, non-fumigating, non-systemic and classified as a “General Use Product” by the EPA. This product can be used to remove a small amount of roots from the sewer line.

Rheem Water Heaters

We consider Rheem to be the best water heater on the market today, and some models are eligible for rebates. Visit Water Heater Rebate Program from PG&E for more information.

Toto and Gerber High-efficiency Toilets

These models use less water and flush better than old-fashioned toilets. For possible government-sponsored rebates, visit Solano County High Efficiency Toilet Rebate Program.

Tankless Water Heaters

You don’t use hot water 24 hours a day, but you are paying to heat water 24 hours a day. With a standard water heater, you heat and reheat the same water even when you’re sleeping. A tankless water heater saves energy because it only heats water as it flows through the system as you use it.

Comfort Systems

With a water filtration system, you’ll never have to buy bottled water again. You’ll help the environment from plastic waste and save money at the same time.

Insta-Hot Water

Make a hot cup of tea, coffee, soup or hot chocolate whenever you want with an on-demand hot water heating system.

NAIS Personal Hygiene System

The NAIS Personal Hygiene System makes intimate washing a simple addition to your daily hygiene routine. The facts are clear: cleansing with water is more comfortable, more effective and more hygienic than using bathroom tissue.

Other Money Saving and Green Products

  • Water Softeners – Dramatically cut down on the time it takes to clean toilets and other plumbing fixtures with soft water. Your skin and hair will love it, too.
  • Circulation Pumps – Get hot water faster in the kitchen or bathroom and save water with a circulation pump.

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