What are some reasons to choose a tankless water heater?


What are some reasons to choose a tankless water heater?

If you are currently in need of replacing your water heater, it is a good time to upgrade to a new type. One good type is a tankless water heater. Here are some reasons to consider choosing this among the other options available.

They Last a Long Time

One great reason to get a tankless water heater installed in your home is that they are known to last a long time. When replacing your hot water heater, you want one that is going to last for a while so you don’t have to make this decision again for quite some time. Consider the water heater an investment, so even if the tankless appliance is a little higher than other water heaters, you make up for it by not having to pay for another one for many years. As long as you keep it in good condition, it can last over a decade in many cases.

The Tankless Water Heater is Smaller

A benefit you might not have considered is that a water heater without a large water tank is also going to take up a lot less space. If you already have limited space for placing the appliance in the first place, this can be an excellent benefit for you. Many water heaters are placed in the basement or garage. You might be in need of more storage in these spaces, so being able to save even a little space without a bulky water heater can make all the difference.

You Can Reduce Your Energy Costs

While the tankless water heater might cost a little more in the beginning, you will save money by having a water heater that uses less energy overall. Traditional water heaters require filling up a large tank with water, and keeping it warm so that the water is ready when you turn on the faucet. However, this is uses much more energy than is really necessary. With the tankless water heater, only the water you use after turning on a faucet is going to use up energy. You will notice that within the first few bills after having it installed, your energy and water bills have started to decrease. Not only are you saving money on your investment, but you are helping the environment and lowering your own carbon footprint.

As you can see, there are a wide range of benefits to go with a tankless water heater. Speak to a plumber if you have more questions about tankless water heaters and wonder if it is a good option or your home.

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