Low Water Pressure Problems

Low Water Pressure Problems

leaks and dripsWhen it comes to water pressure, what one person thinks is adequate might seem like a trickle to another. Either way, low water pressure in faucets and showers seems to have become routine. Many households live with this nuisance, unaware that there is a solution to this simple plumbing problem.

If you have old galvanized pipes, they may be clogged with residue and sediment. Your home may have pipe diameters that are not adequate to carry the water well. You may also have a leak. Same Day Service Plumbing, Heating and Air, Inc. can inspect all of the possible causes of your low water pressure problem and can often provide a quick solution.

Other common causes of water pipe damage include:

  • Frozen pipes: If the temperature falls below freezing, there is a risk your pipes could freeze. Frozen pipes will crack and then burst, spilling large amounts of water.
  • Corrosion: If you have old pipes that are corroding, the pipescould crack and then burst. Corrosion can be caused by soil and water that corrodes the exterior metal and eventually works its way into the pipe, leaving it weakened.
  • Aging water pipes: As water pipes age, their strength and durability are diminished. They become more brittle and more prone to fractures. The older the pipes, the higher the likelihood they will break.
  • Physical damage: If you are having construction work or renovations done in your home or on your property, there is a chance a water pipe could be hit by a piece of equipment or tool and break open.
  • Too much pressure in pipes: If your water pump is not functioning properly, it could lead to a buildup of pressure within the water pipes which could cause the pipes to rupture and break.
  • Improperly installed water pipes: If pipes are not installed and sealed properly, they can potentially break.
  • Poor quality pipes: Over time, poor quality and/or defective pipes can breakdown and burst.
  • Long-term crack: If there is a small crack in the pipe that is leaking over a long period, it will eventually expand due to water, pressure, and corrosion. The water in the pipe will eventually break through the crack, resulting in a burst pipe.

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