Keep Your Cool – Recent Studies Show Air Conditioning is Vitally Important to Brain Function

Keep Your Cool – Recent Studies Show Air Conditioning is Vitally Important to Brain Function

Ever wonder about the heat’s effect on the human brain?

In a recent article, the UK’s Independent compiled the results of some research regarding the topic of heat’s effect on the human brain – and those results were startling. Does heat really negatively impact brain performance? Is air conditioning a necessity for students and professionals, or just a luxury? The answers collected and shared may surprise you.

Heat Waves May Keep You from Making Waves

In the study cited by the Independent, Harvard scientists examined the performance of college-age students. These students – half living in cool, comfortable dorms while the others suffered the summer in dormitories without air conditioning – were tested in the areas of memory, problem-solving and more. The results were clear: those who went without air conditioning performed poorly in comparison to those who were kept comfortable. The apparent reason? The brain’s functions seem to be negatively impacted by hyperthermia – also known as uncomfortably high temperatures.

For scientists, this suggests more than a simple preference for cool, comfortable air during the summer months. It may prove that our bodies are wired to seek that comfort for the benefit of our brains – and therefore, the rest of our body’s systems.

A Universal Problem

Many Americans do not realize the importance of properly-functioning heating and air, since the use of air conditioning is so common in the United States. While Britons may not be as accustomed to air conditioning as Americans are, the research compiled for this article offers a look at a universal issue. This summer has been one of the hottest on record around the globe. Those without air conditioning are suffering from the effects of that heat; those with systems that are in need of maintenance should take heed.

Living in conditions where temperatures reach unsafe levels can be dangerous to very young children, the elderly, and pets. Those who are unable to remove themselves from a closed room that lacks proper air circulation and cooling can become sick from that heat or worse. This is why adequate maintenance of your heating and cooling system is more important than ever.

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