5 Great Reasons to Consider a Tankless Water Heaters

5 Reasons an Air Conditioner Breaks

Keep Your Cool – Recent Studies Show Air Conditioning is Vitally Important to Brain Function

How to Prevent Black Mold Growth

Why You Need a Home Duct Inspection

Same Day Service Plumbing Offering Increased AC Efficiency and Lowered Prices with New Blow-In Insulation Service

4 Reasons For A HVAC Spring Tune Up

Annual HVAC Inspections – Have to have or have to heave

Get the most out of your HVAC system

Tips to Avoid a Sump Pump Failure

5 Great Reasons to Consider a Tankless Water Heaters

Looking to get a new water heater installed? Here at Same Day Service Plumbing, Heating and Air, we think there are more than a few good reasons to consider a tankless water heater. From saving energy to saving cash, here are several of our favorite reasons to go tankless:

Endless Showers

Okay, you really shouldn’t take endless showers, but you might just want to when you realize that a tankless water heater never runs out of hot water. That’s right; since a tankless heater warms your water on demand, there is no tank to run dry. That means that you have as much – or as little – hot water as you need at any time.

Upfront Investment, Long-Term Savings

It’s true that tankless water heaters can cost more up front than traditional storage units. The average cost for traditional units can be twice the cost of a standard water heater model.  However, this discrepancy is more than compensated for with energy savings over time and a lifespan that more than doubles from that of a traditional unit, on average.

No Wasted Hot Water

Speaking of “as little” hot water as you need, have you ever thought about how much energy you’re wasting by having a large tank of water heated to 120 degrees at all times – even the middle of the night, or when you’re on vacation away from your home? That’s not a problem with tankless water heaters. They heat your water on demand, rather than holding a tankful of it at a time. So, you don’t ever have tons of unused water, just hanging around being needlessly heated all night.

How Long is a Long Life for a Water Heater?

Traditional water heaters usually last around 10 years, depending on use and care. Tankless water heaters typically clock in at fifteen years or longer! That’s 30% more time with a working appliance that you can take to the bank.

Easy Repairs

Unlike traditional water heaters – which must be tossed into the landfill when leaks or damage are discovered – tankless water heaters have replaceable parts. That means they can be repaired as needed, making them an eco-friendlier choice with a lifespan that can be extended even further than the initial average of around twenty years.

Contact Same Day Service Plumbing, Heating and Air to find out if a tankless water heater is for you. We can sell or service all brands and offer promotions on many services.

5 Reasons an Air Conditioner Breaks

Dealing with a broken A/C? Here are five reasons you might be melting right now – and how we can help!

Your Thermostat Isn’t Working

Guy repairing air conditioner in case your A/C breaksThe first place you should look when your A/C is not working is your thermostat. This is because many times when an air conditioning or heating unit is malfunctioning, it is actually the thermostat that is to blame. Save yourself costly and unnecessary repairs or replacements by ensuring that your thermostat is working, adequately connected to its power source, and is not in need of replacement itself. Not sure how to check? Contact Same Day Service for inspection.

You’re Having Sensor Issues

Your primary problem when you’re having heating and air issues isn’t always a broken A/C unit. Sometimes, your sensor may be experiencing issues. Some problems that may lead to inefficient air conditioning in your home include:

  • A sensor that isn’t working properly or is damaged.
  • A sensor placed in a small room that can be closed off or placed directly above or below a vent.
  • A sensor that is outdated or otherwise in need of replacement.

Your Filter Needs Cleaned or Replaced

Dirty filters are a common concern with heating and air conditioning systems. Some homes may only need their filters replaced every three months or so, while others may need monthly replacements. Ask your heating and cooling professional to evaluate your system’s needs and advise you on how often to change your filter to keep your A/C running efficiently.

Your Refrigerant is Leaking

Is your air conditioner blowing hot air? You may be lacking refrigerant. Schedule an inspection and ask your provider to check for refrigerant leaks or low levels. This is an easy fix – and better fixed sooner, rather than once damage to your system has been done.

Your System Hasn’t Been Properly Maintained

Having your heating and air conditioning system maintained regularly will help you prevent many of the issues listed above. If you’re concerned that it’s been too long since your last inspection and tune-up – or you’re already dealing with any of the issues listed here – contact us at Same Day Service. We’ll help you get to the root of the problem – and get your home feeling cool and comfortable again!

Keep Your Cool – Recent Studies Show Air Conditioning is Vitally Important to Brain Function

Ever wonder about the heat’s effect on the human brain?

In a recent article, the UK’s Independent compiled the results of some research regarding the topic of heat’s effect on the human brain – and those results were startling. Does heat really negatively impact brain performance? Is air conditioning a necessity for students and professionals, or just a luxury? The answers collected and shared may surprise you.

Heat Waves May Keep You from Making Waves

In the study cited by the Independent, Harvard scientists examined the performance of college-age students. These students – half living in cool, comfortable dorms while the others suffered the summer in dormitories without air conditioning – were tested in the areas of memory, problem-solving and more. The results were clear: those who went without air conditioning performed poorly in comparison to those who were kept comfortable. The apparent reason? The brain’s functions seem to be negatively impacted by hyperthermia – also known as uncomfortably high temperatures.

For scientists, this suggests more than a simple preference for cool, comfortable air during the summer months. It may prove that our bodies are wired to seek that comfort for the benefit of our brains – and therefore, the rest of our body’s systems.

A Universal Problem

Many Americans do not realize the importance of properly-functioning heating and air, since the use of air conditioning is so common in the United States. While Britons may not be as accustomed to air conditioning as Americans are, the research compiled for this article offers a look at a universal issue. This summer has been one of the hottest on record around the globe. Those without air conditioning are suffering from the effects of that heat; those with systems that are in need of maintenance should take heed.

Living in conditions where temperatures reach unsafe levels can be dangerous to very young children, the elderly, and pets. Those who are unable to remove themselves from a closed room that lacks proper air circulation and cooling can become sick from that heat or worse. This is why adequate maintenance of your heating and cooling system is more important than ever.

Don’t let the second half of this sweltering summer catch you without proper cooling in your office, school, or home. Contact Same Day Service Plumbing, Heating and Air for all of your heating and cooling needs and enjoy the sunny weather without melting!


How to Prevent Black Mold Growth

Black-Mold-PlateBlack mold, or Stachybotrys chartarum, can cause a vast array of physical ailments including breathing difficulties, coughing, disorientation, eye damage, and brain fog, just to name a few. Due to its extremely toxic nature, it is essential that you learn how to prevent black mold growth in your home so that you can protect the health of you and your loved ones.

In order for it to become a problem, black mold first needs something to grow on (carpets, showers, wood, or just about anything else in your home will do), and moisture. Mold typically takes 24 to 48 hours to grow, so limiting the amount of time a surface is exposed to moisture and humidity is the most efficient and easiest way to prevent black mold growth. Opening windows throughout the day and turning on your bathroom’s ventilation fan after showering are effortless ways to keep your home properly aerated and thus greatly reduce the chance for mold to grow.

If you notice any recurring water damage or prevailing water leaks in your home, get them inspected and repaired immediately. Ignoring water that is pooling up or constantly dampening various surfaces in your home is asking for black mold to grow and quickly become a rampant problem. While it is understood that not everyone has access to emergency funds for water damage upfront, it is important to realize that allowing mold to become a problem will be more costly for your wallet and health down the line. Just take a deep breath, set aside some money from your next paycheck or take out what you currently have in savings, and get it taken care of now.

If something spills on the carpet, you come in soaked from the rain, or a considerable layer of snow has built up on the wall around your window and is beginning to melt its way inside, take care of these things immediately. Remember that moisture is one of the main culprits of mold growth, so it is important to nip it in the bud as soon as possible, in all circumstances. It can be tempting to head straight for the shower first or convince yourself you’ll get to it in a few minutes, but even that is risky. When you take care of problem areas immediately, you are able to more effectively remove more of the moisture, and you also eliminate any possibility of you accidentally forgetting about them (we are all human, after all).

Black mold can be scary and have damaging health consequences if left to its own devices. Luckily, preventing black mold growth is as simple as following the tips presented here. By limiting or preventing moisture altogether and promptly addressing water damage, you can help ensure you and anyone else in your homestay healthy and safe.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help prevent your house from getting black mold. We can inspect your A/C unit, check for plumbing leaks, look for visual warnings of black mold and handle any issues you may have.

duct inspection

Why You Need a Home Duct Inspection

When your HVAC system is functioning properly, you likely will not even notice it. However, when your system is not working as it should, it can quickly become apparent. One component of your home’s HVAC system that is usually hidden out of sight can often be culprit for poor indoor air quality. Due to the fact that this component goes unnoticed, other systems are typically blamed first when energy bills escalate or it suddenly becomes unseasonably warm or cool in your home. If your home has not undergone an inspection recently, it might be time to schedule one.

The ductwork system in your home is susceptible to accumulating debris over time. When this happens, it can result in seals loosening and tape falling away. Eventually, the ducts can even become damaged. If you have noticed any of the following in your home, it may be a good idea to schedule an inspection of your ducts:

  • Uneven airflow – could indicate fallen ducts and air leaks
  • Loose ducts that make noise
  • Accumulation of debris around the diffusers
  • Uneven temperatures – could indicate insufficient insulation in the ducts
  • Musty odors
  • High energy bills

Duct and A/C Inspection

Not only can poorly insulated ducts result in poor indoor air quality, but they can also cause wasted energy and higher utility bills. A comprehensive inspection performed by an experienced HVAC professional can help mitigate this problem. If you are uncertain whether your home may be in need of an inspection, you may perform a preliminary inspection on your own. You will need a flashlight and proper safety gear before getting starting. Keep the following in mind while performing an inspection of the ducts in your crawl space or attic:

  • Be sure to inspect all ductwork that is visible, looking for signs of inadequate or damaged insulation. Any insulation that is damp or wet should be considered damaged due to the fact that it will no longer be able to maintain the all-important R-value.
  • Use a smoke pencil to identify air leaks that may be present along the duct seams. This inspection should be performed while the heating or cooling system is actually running.
  • Look for any fallen or disconnected ducts.
  • Once you are back in the living space, remove some of the diffusers, the air filter, and the return grille. Look for mold accumulation or debris in the walls. A flashlight may be necessary for this task.
  • Perform an inspection of the evaporator coil for mold, debris and mildew. If you notice any signs of this, you can typically expect the same to be present in your home’s ducts.

To learn more about a professional inspection or to schedule an inspection, contact us.

Same Day Service Plumbing Offering Increased AC Efficiency and Lowered Prices with New Blow-In Insulation Service

Same Day Service Plumbing Offering Increased AC Efficiency and Lowered Prices with New Blow-In Insulation Service

Same Day Service Plumbing, Heating, and Air, Inc. of Northern California is offering local residents an opportunity to save big while increasing their home’s energy efficiency with their new blow-in insulation services.

Blow-in insulation is a type of insulation which differs from fiberglass insulation and functions largely like its name implies.  With an electric blower, Same Day professionals blow loose cellulose inspiration into attic spaces above the ceiling and into walls. The resulting insulation reduces the heat entering an air-conditioned building on a hot day.

With Spring in full force and Summer on its way, Same Day’s new blow-in insulation surface can provide Northern California homes with the exact kind of energy-saving solution they are looking for. During the times of year when air conditioners often run at full force, many homes lose an unfortunate amount of cooling due to a lack of insulation.

As local experts in plumbing, heating, and air, Same Day is excited to introduce this additional opportunity for Northern Californians to reduce wear on their air conditioning units, increase efficiency, and reduce monthly utility costs.

While it is possible for homeowners to make the installation of blow-in installation a DIY project, experts at Same Day will ensure the promptest service and the best results at a reasonable price. Blow-in insulation installation requires some technique to ensure the correct density of cellulose insulation, therefore maximizing efficiency with the least amount of material.

Same Day has also released a handy guide to encourage a Spring tune-up for any HVAC system. “When HVAC units have been ignored or allowed to run without oversight over time, they are more likely to break down when put to the test. The largest strain on your equipment will be when temperatures are relentlessly high over a period of several days or even weeks,” Same Day says in its blog article.

To further incentivize Northern California home and business owners to take notice of their air conditioning efficiency this Spring, Same Day is promoting a special offer for HVAC inspections and tune-ups. As a company, Same Day hopes that its clients will utilize these coupons along with their latest services to create maximum efficiency.

For more information about Same Day’s blow-in insulation service, coupons, savings offers, prompt service, and expert results, contact them at 1-855-607-5619 or visit their website today.

4 Reasons For A HVAC Spring Tune Up

The Early Bird Beats the Heat with a Spring HVAC Tune Up!
Right now is the best time to schedule a tune-up for your central heat and air-conditioning unit before the hot weather hits. Don’t wait until it’s the height of summer! Stress to your HVAC unit can cause it to fail and you’ll be left sweltering in your home until you can get it repaired. Instead, schedule an appointment with Same Day Service Plumbing today to ensure your a/c will do its job well and will run like a champ when you need it the most.
Aside from the obvious discomfort that comes from a nonfunctioning HVAC during hot and humid months, there are other good reasons to take preventative measures.

When HVAC units have been ignored or allowed to run without oversight over time, they are more likely to break down when put the test. The largest strain on your equipment will be when temperatures are relentlessly high over a period of several days or even weeks. It stands to reason that these peak times will also put a strain on your HVAC repair contractor who will be handling the frantic calls of other customers having the same issues as you. Chances are the wait time to service your equipment will be longer during that peak period, and your expense will be greater, especially if you require attention after business hours or on weekends and holidays.

Routine HVAC maintenance performed annually can translate into lower energy bills. An air-conditioning unit that doesn’t run efficiently takes more energy to keep your home or business cool. Just because you can’t see or hear an obvious problem doesn’t mean you don’t have one. Your HVAC may be compromised without your even knowing.
Lack of routine maintenance is the main reason HVACs fail. The large problems start small. What may seem insignificant, such as dirt or rust, can cause your a/c unit to run inefficiently, which takes a toll on the unit itself over time. Its lifespan will likely be shortened, and those small factors can turn into big issues, requiring major repairs or even replacement when small equipment failures that haven’t been attended to properly cause major malfunctions.
During a HVAC tune up, your contractor will likely inspect the entire system. First on his or her to-do list should be to clean the unit’s coils, as even a tiny bit of dirt on the coils can cut your a/c unit’s efficiency and shorten its life. In addition, your contractor will clean and drain your HVAC unit’s condensate line, lubricate any moving mechanical parts, clean the blower parts, check the fuel connections, replace the air filter, check the thermostat controls and the system’s wiring, inspect the surrounding ductwork, remove any debris around the outside unit, check the pressure levels and replace fluids, if need be.

Same Day Service Plumbing, Heating and Air, Inc. is the preferred choice for air conditioning repairs, installations and maintenance. We service all major brands of air conditioners, and our a/c services are 100 percent guaranteed. You can depend on us for fast and professional service, from new air conditioner installation and a/c repairs to other cooling system options for residential and commercial properties.
Being proactive is the best way to avoid putting your comfort and your equipment at risk. Make a commitment, and plan at the start of spring to have a professional from Same Day Service Plumbing, Heating and Air, Inc. to perform routine maintenance on your HVAC. Call us now at 1-888-937-3350 to schedule your appointment today.

Annual HVAC Inspections – Have to have or have to heave

Annual HVAC Inspections: Have to Have or Have to Heave

You wouldn’t drive your car every day for years on end without performing routine maintenance such as changing the oil and checking your tires and fluid levels. Many people, however, use their HVAC system daily for years without performing routine maintenance. Proper maintenance of your HVAC system can save you money, protect your home and your family, and prevent inopportune breakdowns.

Can I Maintain My HVAC Unit Myself?

Just as you can change your car’s oil and check the inflation level in your tires, there are routine maintenance tasks that you can perform on your HVAC unit. Items such as:

∙ Trimming weeds and shrubbery around the unit
∙ Ensuring that there’s about 18 inches of clear space around the HVAC unit
∙ Changing the filters monthly
∙ Keeping the unit clean, hose it down if necessary
∙ Making sure the supply and return vents are free of blockage

These simple maintenance tasks will help your unit function better between professional maintenance visits and reduce the cost of your service visits.

Why Do I Need A Professional?

A professional HVAC technician will perform services other than just check out your HVAC unit. The technician will:

∙ Check out your thermostat
∙ Tighten any loose electrical connections
∙ Clean the blower and adjust it if needed
∙ Clean the condenser and evaporator coils
∙ Clean the condensate coils if necessary
∙ Lubricate moving parts as necessary
∙ Check the controls for the system
∙ Inspect gas pressure or fuel line connections as necessary
∙ Check refrigerant levels and charge if needed
∙ Advise you of any repairs that are needed

Many of these maintenance functions require electrical expertise and/or licensing by the state in order to protect the consumers. Unless you’re a licensed electrician who also specializes in HVAC, you shouldn’t perform these functions; only licensed HVAC techs can service HVAC units

HVAC Service Calls Are Expensive

In order to properly service and maintain your HVAC unit, the technicians have had to undergo extensive and expensive training, and many have decades of experience. This is the type of expertise you need for your HVAC service and all of our technicians are trained and certified in the latest techniques. We value our customers and want to provide them the best service possible.

When your heat fails in the dead of winter or your air conditioning fails in the heat of the summer, you’ll wish that you had placed that service call. No price can be placed on the safety and comfort of your family. Loose wires, leaking connections, and damaged components can be a fire hazard and jeopardize your home and your family.

What Can I Do About It?

Call our office today at 1-888-937-3350 and schedule a service visit. Our rates are competitive, and we’ve been in business for more than 30 years, so you know we’re reliable. We’re family owned and operated, and we treat our customers like they’re members of the family. Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau assures you of our integrity and dedication to our customers as does the numerous testimonials we receive.

Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment online by clicking here and we’ll get right back to you.

We know that home maintenance can be expensive, so we offer special financing options and other deals. Click here for our summer special tune up offer on your HVAC unit.

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Winter isn’t over, and summer is fast approaching. Call us today at 1-888-937-3350 and make sure your family stays warm for the rest of the winter and cool for the coming summer. Call us!

Get the most out of your HVAC system

Get the most out of your HVAC system

Keep Your HVAC System Running with Frequent Maintenance Checks

The central-air system in your home is a major appliance. It acts as both a heater and air conditioner whenever you activate the proper switch or button. That’s why it’s referred to as an HVAC or heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system. It’s a fact that many of the system’s parts are hidden within walls and closets, however.
Don’t overlook this system because it’s “out of sight, out of mind.” Prioritize its care by observing its operations yourself. Supplement these observations with regular visits from Same Day Service Plumbing Heating and Air. You’ll prolong the system’s lifespan as a result of your efforts.

Service-Appointment Preparation

Be aware of these HVAC details: Perform the following tasks only if you feel comfortable doing so. Remember that warranties become null and void if the unit is opened or accessed in any invasive manner. We’re happy to answer your questions about these steps.

1. Indoor Components

∙ Activate the system and stand near the interior unit. Listen for any unusual sounds as the system ramps up.
∙ Be aware of any scents that arise during a system startup. Report the description to your HVAC contractors. Mold and mildew have distinct odors.
∙ Verify if any leaks are present in the ductwork. Listen for whistling or feel a draft nearby where there shouldn’t be one.
∙ Shut off the system. Examine the control-box wiring for any broken or damaged connections.
∙ Inspect your filter. Replace it as necessary. HVAC repair services often focus on these parts.

2. Outdoor Components

∙ Examine the surrounding cabinet and coils for any damages, including penetrations and active leaks.
∙ Lean over and carefully evaluate the fan in its stationary position. Note any rust or wear on the blades or motor box.
∙ Repeat the fan inspection when it’s functioning normally. Document any sounds or vibrations coming from the unit.
∙ Be sure the system is turned off now. Locate the base pan. Examine it for any clogs at the drain openings.
∙ Verify that the exterior control box is clean and free from damage.
∙ Sweep any debris, such as dust and leaves, away from the unit’s exterior surroundings.

Energy Efficiency Tips

Don’t overwork your system because this scenario shortens its lifespan. Try these energy-saving tips as summer and winter challenge your components with extreme temperatures.

1. Heating Strategies

∙ Close and lock each window to trap the warm air within the home.
∙ Invite loved ones over and turn down the thermostat. The body heat makes the home more comfortable in the winter.
∙ Move any obstructions from the heating vents. They operate with optimum efficiency when air passes freely.
∙ Update your insulation to trap the warm air. An HVAC repair professional can suggest an installation that works for your region.

2. Cooling Tactics

∙ Take your cooking skills outside. Hot days call for barbecues so that any generated heat remains outside instead of locking it inside with your air conditioner.
∙ Cut off incoming light by closing your window treatments. A darkened room is much cooler, which reduces air-conditioning costs over time.
∙ Ventilate the attic with vents and proper insulation. You want the hot air to escape.
∙ Create a wind chill in your home with ceiling fans set to a counter-clockwise direction. Your HVAC contractors can show you how to alter the setting.

Contact Same Day Service Plumbing Heating and Air today to schedule your annual checkup. Our team is thrilled to answer any questions that you might have, including replacement and repair queries. Take advantage of our complementary, 40-point inspection on HVAC units ages 12 years and older too. Our team partners with the neighborhood to keep everyone comfortable year in and year out.

coupon sump pump

Tips to Avoid a Sump Pump Failure

If it’s been a while since you checked your sump pump, then it’s probably been too long. It’s easy to take your sump pump for granted, but doing so puts you and your property at risk. It stands to reason: A sump pump can only do its job if it works.

A sump pump’s sole purpose is to keep your foundation dry. Whether your basement is used for living space or serves as an extra room for storage, your valuables can be ruined without a functioning sump pump system in place. This is particularly important if you live in a low-lying area that’s a flood risk. Flooding can also be a result of poor drainage surrounding your property or can happen unexpectedly, such as when pipes burst.

Routine maintenance can prevent unnecessary damage to your home. We recommend you troubleshoot and test your sump pump system regularly, say, once a quarter at least. Periodically clean, examine and maintain it when the weather is dry. Check the valves to be sure they’re working. We also suggest inspecting it prior to a rainy season or when heavy storms are in the forecast. Make sure the pipes to the outside are clear, and when temperatures drop below 32 degrees, make sure no lines connected to the pump are frozen.

The float switch is one of the most common causes for sump pump failure. This device detects when the sump pump’s water level has risen too high and will trigger a signal to activate the pump. This one part alone has saved millions of homes from extensive flood damage. While the sump pump itself is built to last approximately 7 years, the float switch is not. Also, be sure to invest in a sump pump with a float switch that can be replaced, as not all of them do. There are different kinds of switches, including one that doesn’t actually float, so be sure to consult your plumber for the one that’s right for your system.

Electrical failure is another potential cause for concern, and for that reason, many homeowners install a back-up sump pump, just in case. Another issue can be debris, such as leaves, mud and pebbles, which can clog up the system. Make sure the check valve functions correctly so water cannot flow back inside the basement or crawl space, and inspect the pipe that leads from the pump to the outside to make sure it’s clear.

Water near your foundation can seep through the walls. Make sure that the land surrounding your home is graded away so water won’t drain downhill back in its direction. If need be, install gutters with downspouts that lead the water away from your house.

A good time to clean your sump pump and pit thoroughly is when the filter needs to be changed. Start by unplugging the system, then, take the unit outside to hose it down. Disconnect its hose and flush it out with water, as well as the entire unit. Same Day Plumbing Service is happy to help you with this.

One of the simplest ways to minimize foreign objects getting into the system is to invest in a cover. It can also protect you and your family by preventing hazardous radon gas from escaping into the air. The cover may not be able to take care of the gas leakage totally, but it will help minimize the exposure until you can get it fixed. A cover is inexpensive ($20-$35), improves the look for your unit, and is an investment that’s worth every penny.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to find out your equipment malfunctioned as a result of overdue maintenance. Instead, make sure your sump pump is in proper working order before a catastrophe rains down.

Save $100 on your new sump pump installation by mentioning this article. Call Same Day Service Plumbing, Heating & Air today at 888-937-3350 to schedule your appointment.

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