Bathtub Basics Before You Buy

Bathtub Basics Before You Buy

Bathtub Basics Before You Buy

When it’s time for a new bathtub, doing your due diligence will keep you out of hot water. Whether it needs to be replaced or it’s an upgrade as part of a bathroom remodel or renovation, there are many factors that need to be considered before making your purchase. What are the tub’s size, weight, style and features? What size is the space where it is to be installed? What will the logistics of the installation be, and of course, how much will all this cost? In addition to the expense of the tub itself, any tub installation, removal and plumbing reconfigurations need to be planned for ahead of time in consultation with Same Day Service Plumbing or another reputable plumbing professional.

The most common bathtub is the alcove tub that makes the best use of limited space. This tub is generally five-to-six feet long and is 30 or 32 inches wide. Three of its four sides are unfinished and will be wedged into the walls at the end of a small bathroom, which may require some sheet rock removal by your plumbing specialist. The alcove tub is often paired with a shower fixture plumbed above from the wall, making the combination of the two the most efficient space-wise and the most affordable option.

Drop-in tubs can either be mounted in a separate frame, usually coordinated with other bathroom features such as the cabinetry or the tile, or they can be installed into the ground, also known as an undermount. The flooring for the in-ground or sunken tub is laid over its lip, much the same way as a countertop is laid over the edge of a drop-in sink. Corner tubs come in drop-in styles, either above-mount or undermount, and are generally meant to accommodate two people.

Freestanding tubs frequently are the focal point of any bathroom and can be installed anywhere, pending a professional plumber’s assessment. The Elizabethan-style claw foot tub is an example. These older cast iron tubs can be refinished and outfitted with modern faucets. Modern oval freestanding tubs sit on a pedestal base or cradle, and they are often quite deep and have high backs. The mid-priced soaking tub is one such style. It takes up slightly less space because it is shorter and deeper than a standard tub, meant for lounging in but not for laying down. These deeper tubs are not practical for bathing children or for those with mobility issues.

A walk-in tub is an excellent option for the elderly or for those with disabilities. They are ADA compliant and come equipped with a non-skid surface, handrails, a built-in seat and a low threshold for easy access. They are built to fit into your existing tub space and are guaranteed not to leak.

For a luxurious, in-home spa-style experience, there are many features to consider. From gentle Champagne-like bubbles to full-force whirlpool jets, hydrotherapy options come with price tags that can climb into the thousands of dollars. Some tubs are equipped with inline heaters to maintain the water temperature or come with concealed speakers that emit sound waves through the water. Still others are outfitted with colored lights or WiFi and one tub even doubles as a stereo system when empty!

No matter what your needs are, Same Day Service Plumbing is here to help. Take advantage now of our walk-in tub special — $250 off for the installation of a walk-in tub. Call us today at 1-888-937-3350 to schedule your free, personal consultation.

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