Should You Repair or Replace Your HVAC System?

How to Get Your Plumbing System Ready for the Big Game

Celebrating National Cut Your Energy Costs Day with Little Tips for Big Savings

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home’s Water Systems

Most Common Holiday Plumbing Problems and How to Address Them

3 Signs of a Failing Water Heater

Full House This Thanksgiving? Here’s How You Can Keep Your House Comfortable

5 Tips for Protecting Your Pipes During the Winter

Why Your Drains are Blocked and What to Do About Them

Scary Plumbing Smells and How to Get Rid of Them

Should You Repair or Replace Your HVAC System?

Winter is the worst time for something to go wrong with your heating and cooling system. When it happens, you can feel like you’re out in the cold in more than one way. Should you invest in a totally new heating and cooling system, or just have your current HVAC system repaired? Knowing for sure can leave you feeling confused and frustrated.

Here are a few tips for determining the right thing to do when your heat starts acting up when the temperatures drop down low:

Consider the Cost

Most people think that repairing your HVAC system will be cheaper than replacing it in all circumstances. However, if your system if more than a decade old, this may not be the case.

As your HVAC system ages, maintenance and repair costs will add up. To keep them from piling up for years to come, consider replacing your system if it would be more cost-effective to do so.

If It Isn’t Broken…

On the flip side, newer systems may not require much more than a tune-up to remain viable. Don’t jump straight to replacement just because your system is misbehaving. Talk to an expert to find out more about your specific situation.

Go Green

When you’re looking to cut costs on an ongoing basis, consider upgrading or entirely replacing your HVAC system for a more energy-efficient and greener option.


Replacement systems will typically come with new product warranties, which will cover any repairs in the coming years and reduce those costs.

Tax Incentive

If you find that you must replace your HVAC system, some situations may deliver a tax incentive for doing so. Be sure to document your repairs or replacement and to consult both your HVAC professional and a tax preparation pro to learn more.

If you’re still not sure if repair or replacement would be better for your home’s heating and cooling system, contact the experts here at Same Day Service Plumbing. We can help you determine the right course of action for keeping your home warm this winter and comfortable all year long in the coming years.

How to Get Your Plumbing System Ready for the Big Game

How to Get Your Plumbing System Ready for the Big Game

It’s almost time for America’s biggest football game, which means it is nearly time for Superbowl parties and the festivities that go along with them.

Sports fans and those just looking to watch an entertaining piece of American history tune into the big game every year, with many planning parties and get-together around the program. When planning those parties, it’s easy to make lists of snacks, drinks, and other party necessities to attend to, but few hosts think about whether their home is truly capable of handling a large gathering like a game night party – especially so soon after the holidays!

Here are a few ways to make sure your plumbing, in particular, is ready for the big game – and you can relax and enjoy the party!

Cut the Grease

Yes, greasy food is the traditional football party fair. However, that residual grease can be hard on dishwashers, food disposals, and sink drains. If you do serve greasy food, dispose of it in the trash before washing your dishes.

Make Waste Baskets Accessible

To discourage guests from tossing anything into the toilet that shouldn’t be flushed, make trash cans easy to see and access – even for children. This is especially important since flushing anything other than toilet paper can cause major clogs. Providing enough trash disposal options will keep your partygoers from throwing diapers, wipes, feminine products, or anything else where it doesn’t belong.

Don’t Overwork Your Plumbing System

You can’t keep your guests from using the bathroom and you don’t want to prevent them from washing their hands, but you can control how much dishwashing and other events happen during that time. Don’t do laundry or other unnecessary uses of water during game night and be careful not to overload your dishwasher so as not to cause too much strain on your home’s plumbing.

If the party is at your house this year, give us a call at Same Day Service Plumbing. We can help you make sure your home is comfortable, clean, and ready to host as many football fans as you’d like.



Celebrating National Cut Your Energy Costs Day with Little Tips for Big Savings

Celebrating National Cut Your Energy Costs Day with Little Tips for Big Savings

Celebrating National Cut Your Energy Costs Day with Little Tips for Big Savings

Did you know that January 10th is National Cut Your Energy Costs Day? While this may not seem like a major holiday to some, it can be one worth celebrating if you consider the amount of cash you can save by cutting your energy bills.

Most people know that reducing use is the best way to lower utility bills. Using less electricity, water, and other resources is a simple and straightforward approach to savings, but it isn’t always possible. For those who are looking for other ways to chip away at energy costs – and celebrate your new favorite holiday – consider these tricks:

Use an Aerator

Installing an aerator into your faucet will reduce the amount of water used by the fixture to obtain the same amount of water pressure. This will cut down on usage without feeling like you’re cutting corners to save costs.

Fill It Up

Only run your dishwasher when it’s completely full. While many people believe that it takes much more water to wash dishes this way than by hand, that’s actually not the case. The only problem with using a dishwasher is that it takes the same amount of water to wash a partial load as it does to wash a full load. Save the load until the racks are full, then switch it on for an easier, eco-friendlier wash.

Ditch Your Disposal

Fewer and fewer homes have garbage disposal systems these days, since these systems require water to work. This wastes resources. Choose a compost system instead and turn your waste into rich, garden-friendly soil.

Quicker Showers Over Long Baths

When possible, choose a quick shower over a long, deep bath. You’ll get cleaner quicker, and you’ll save over twenty gallons of water every time you wash up!

If you need help getting your energy costs under control, contact the industry experts at Same Day Service Plumbing. We can help you identify factors that are leading to high energy costs, fix problems at the source, and even help you track your savings over time. Now, that’s worth celebrating!

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home’s Water Systems

The end of the calendar year is a time when we like to reflect on the previous months and come up with ideas for how we would like to change and improve our lives in the coming year. Most of us create resolutions for the holiday, but few people think to resolve to make changes to their at-home habits. Here are a few things you can resolve to change in your home that will keep your water systems running smoothly and your budget under control:

Be More Eco-Friendly

Using less energy and resources is a noble goal. It’s also an attainable one, when you choose to make going green one of your water-related resolutions. Choose to use more water from home, rather than drinking from disposable bottles. Install a filter to get clean, crisp, fresh drinking water right out of the tap. Look for fixtures that help reduce water use and appliances that cut down on energy and water consumption to make your home a greener place. Your budget and the earth will thank you!

Fix Those Leaks You’ve Been Ignoring

Now is the time to get up and make moves on projects you’ve been putting off. That includes calling ap lumber to fix broken toilets, leaky pipes, or rusty fixtures you’ve been pretending aren’t a problem for too long. Your entire family will be glad to have it taken care of!

Prevent Problems Before They Start

Perhaps the best resolution you can make is to be more proactive in the care of your plumbing and water systems. Make sure debris doesn’t go down the drain. Don’t toss anything in the toilet that doesn’t belong there. Be wary of children and pets being near toilets or tubs. Preventing accidents, injuries, and plumbing problems before they happen is always the best course of action.

For help with all of these at-home resolutions – and all of your plumbing concerns – contact the local industry experts at Same Day Service Plumbing. We can help you start the year off right and keep things running smoothly inside your home all year long!

Most Common Holiday Plumbing Problems and How to Address Them

Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Day – the most wonderful time of the year is upon us! Here’s how to keep the season’s less glamorous side – common plumbing problems – from ruining your family’s holiday celebrations this year.

Damaged Garbage Disposals

The holidays mean lots of delicious food, served to all your favorite people. Unfortunately, not all those people may know how to properly use your home’s garbage disposal. The holidays typically see a major jump in the cases of clogged or broken garbage disposals seen by plumbers, as people drop things that should never be disposed of down their drains. When a back-up or breakdown happens, call your plumber right away to prevent further damage, injury, and nasty odors taking over your kitchen.

Toilets Getting Clogged

Lots of people in a single home mean lots of people using the same restroom facilities. Even if you have multiple toilets in your house, you’ll often find that increased usage leads to an increased instance of clogged toilets. While some of these clogs may be a job for a plunger and some elbow grease, some may be much more severe. If you’re not interested in spending Thanksgiving or Christmas trying to get your toilets to flush, call an emergency plumber for help right away.

Water Heaters Going Out

All those guests that clogged up your toilet? They’ll need to wash their hands after they finish in the restroom. They need to shower, too. They may also need to wash clothes. All of this puts a lot of demand on your home’s water heater.

You may notice water that is slower to heat up or showers that are far quicker to run colder than usual. If this increased demand goes on for too long, you may also notice that your water heater simply stops working altogether. When this happens, it’s time to call a plumber about a replacement – and fast!

When you’re hosting guests this holiday season, don’t feel like you’re on your own. Call Same Day Service Plumbing for help with all your plumbing problems. From the kitchen to the bathroom and beyond, we’ll keep things running smoothly, so you and yours can enjoy the most wonderful time of the year!

3 Signs of a Failing Water Heater

Are you having a hard time getting your water up to temperature? If so, you may be dealing with a broken or failing water heater. Don’t wait to see if your heater fails; check this list of signs and symptoms of water heater failure for more information about how to know your system is on its last legs:

Dirty Water

While most people see inappropriately cold water as a sign of water heater failure, water that isn’t clean and clear can also be a major indicator. Older tanks will begin to rust and deteriorate, leading to that buildup flaking off in the water inside the tank. While softeners or conditioners can be used to address this, they will only provide satisfactory results for so long. Eventually, the tank will have to be replaced.

Strange Sounds

If you hear odd noises while you’re using your water – particularly if you’re using hot water – this may be a sign that your heater is on the decline. Listen for a gurgling or bubbling sound after you’ve used some hot water. These sounds often indicate that the sediments that have built up in your heater tank are being stirred up. An abundance of these sediments can be a major problem, so these noises are a sign of trouble on the horizon.


This is perhaps the biggest factor in determining if your water heater is failing. While age alone does not determine function, any other problems that you notice may be a sign that your older tank is at the end of its life.

Any tank older than 6 years should have a visit from a licensed plumber or specialist to check for good working condition and recommend upgrades, repairs, or replacements. Since older tanks often have a lot of sediment, rust, and other buildup concerns inside, replacement may be the best option for your household.

Don’t get left out in the cold (water) this season. If your water heater begins to fail, contact the experts at Same Day Service Plumbing. Whatever is ailing your water heater tank, we can help you fix the problem – fast.

Full House This Thanksgiving? Here’s How You Can Keep Your House Comfortable

Most people don’t think of energy efficiency when they think of Thanksgiving. However, America’s
favorite dinner date doesn’t have to be all about waste. You can enjoy the decadence of delicious food
from start to finish while still minding your energy budget! Here’s how:

Step Away from the Oven

When possible, try using other devices in your kitchen to prepare your feast instead of the oven. From
your slow cooker to your toaster oven – an even your microwave – there are many ways to cook up a
fantastic meal without relying exclusively on your oven and stovetop. (And most of them use much less

No Peeking!

It can be tempting to give your turkey and sides a regular peek every now and then as they cook but
consider this: you lose a lot of energy every time you open that door. Your oven has to work overtime to
compensate for hot air escaping, so use the transparent door to check on your cooking – and keep lids
tight-fitting to keep heat working hard where it belongs!

Gather the Family – and the Side Dishes

While your turkey is cooking, try to use that heat to cook other dishes on your menu as well. If you have
casseroles, pies, or other dishes that require the heat of your oven, try to time and place them correctly
so that they can bake right alongside the turkey for added efficiency.

Recruit Cleanup Help

Rinsing dishes may make the washing process easier, but it also wastes a lot of energy. Ask your dining
guests to scrape their dishes as they finish and wash a single load in the washer rather than
handwashing between every course.

Save the Leftovers

Most people agree that leftovers are one of the best parts of Thanksgiving. They only stay that way if
you store them promptly and properly, though. Be sure to seal all leftover food in reusable containers
and refrigerate promptly. They’ll keep serving up delicious bites for days to come without much
additional energy cost.

Looking for more ways to keep your energy use as efficient as possible this Thanksgiving? Consult the
energy-efficiency experts here at Same Day Service Plumbing. We can help you ensure your plumbing,
HVAC, and more are ready for the demands of the day – and capable of keeping your on-budget for the

5 Tips for Protecting Your Pipes During the Winter

Are you ready for winter? You may be looking forward to the season of snow, but are your pipes
prepared? Here’s how to keep them from freezing this year:

Bundle Up

Insulating your pipes will help prevent freezing. Cold air won’t have as much access to the pipes, helping
them stay warm enough to keep from freezing up. This is especially good for metal pipes.

Drip, Drip, Drop

No one wants to waste water, but one of the easiest ways to prevent pipes from freezing in the winter is
to keep water moving through them. Simply turn on your tap and let it drip slowly throughout the
evening. Turn it off in the morning and remember to run water through the system every now and then
throughout the day. The minimal amount of water you lose in doing this is small change compared to
the massive cost of plumbing repair or replacement if you don’t.

Heat Things Up

Applying heat is a great way to keep your pipes from freezing. There are many hardware or plumbing
specialty stores that sell heat tape that can be applied directly to the outside of pipes to help keep them
warm. However, you can also simply turn up the heat in your home or the rooms where your pipes are

Open the Doors

Heat is no good if it can’t get to your pipes. To ensure that the heat you’re running in your home can
help you keep your pipes from freezing, you’ll need to open your cabinet doors. Anywhere you might
have access to pipes inside cabinets, drawers, etc., you should open those doors to allow heat to get to
and help maintain the safety of your pipes.

Make Necessary Repairs

Cracks, ill-fitted pipes, and leaks can make for pipes that freeze much easier than those that aren’t in
need of repairs. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to detect these issues unless you keep a careful eye on
your pipes before, during, and after cold weather comes to stay.

To get your plumbing checked and prepared for winter, contact your local plumbing experts at Same
Day Service Plumbing. We’ll help you keep your pipes safe and working properly all winter long. Contact
us today for maintenance or repairs before old man winter makes a mess of your plumbing!

Why Your Drains are Blocked and What to Do About Them

Blocked drains are a common problem in residential plumbing. Here are some of the most common reasons for blocked drains, as well as what to do if you can’t seem to get rid of them yourself.


Hair is the most common cause of blockages in residential plumbing. Most people shed in the shower or shave over the sink and wash the hair down afterward. This leads to backed up plumbing and difficult clogs to undo. Store-bought remedies can help, but hair clogs become serious much faster than most people realize.


The additives in many hygiene items that make them sparkle, help them moisturize, or aid in exfoliation often do not dissolve on the skin or in water. These additives are then washed down drains, causing plumbing problems later. Baby wipes, diapers, menstrual products, and even so-called flushable wipes are also a major problem when flushed because they do not typically dissolve and often cause major blockages.


Most people know that pouring grease, oil, and other fats down their drains isn’t a good idea, but a surprising number of people do so anyway. These fats will cool and solidify, gumming up pipes and blocking the flow of water through plumbing over time.

Foreign Objects

In homes with children and pets, small objects that shouldn’t’ be washed down drains or flushed down toilets often find their way there anyway. These objects are a magnet for other debris and can cause major blockages in no time at all.

There are many ways you can cut down on or solve minor blockages in your drains at home, but when they become too frequent or too stubborn to remove, you may need to call a professional. At Same Day Service Plumbing, we offer blockage removal for any kind of plumbing, to get your pipes clean and your water moving freely again.

Scary Plumbing Smells and How to Get Rid of Them

Have you walked into your bathroom or kitchen lately and gotten a whiff of something not-so-pleasant? Those scary smells may be coming from your sink, tub, or toilet. Here’s what may be causing them – and how to get them taken care of, fast!

Where’s It Coming From?

What’s causing that smell? Here are some common reasons for stinky plumbing:

  • Pipe blockage or clogs – Think about the things that go down your drain every day. If that gets stuck, think about how bad it will smell after a few days – or weeks – in those pipes. Clogs and blockage are the top reasons for stinky smells in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Sewer smell – In pipes that are used less often, sewage may back up through the plumbing and cause unpleasant smells in the home.
  • Something in the water – If there are sulfates in your water, it can have an unpleasant odor.
  • The buildup of mildew or mold – Even if your pipes have the smallest leak you can imagine, they can lead to a buildup of smelly mold and mildew in walls, ceilings, or floors.

How to Get Rid of Plumbing Stink

Now that you have a better idea of what’s causing those foul odors in your home, how can you get rid of them? That’s what most people ask when they call their plumber, but the answer isn’t always a simple one. You may be able to flush or unclog your drain yourself; if the stuff clogging it up is close to the surface or easily cleaned with a flushing solution, you’re in luck. Otherwise, it might require a visit from your plumber to get things smelling better.

Don’t wait to see if that stink goes away on its own. Contact us at Same Day Service Plumbing for everything you need to rid your home of those scary smells – and keep them away!

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