Assess Your Pipes Now to Prevent a Future Leak or Burst!


Assess Your Pipes Now to Prevent a Future Leak or Burst!

Homes or businesses that are 25 years old or more were built using zinc-coated galvanized pipes that corrode, decay and become rusty over a period of time. As the pipes age, and the rust begins to build up, the inside diameter of the pipe reduces and restricts the flow of water. This decreases the water pressure and poses potential risks of leakages, pipe bursts and failures. If the pipes are well-maintained then they may last longer and a replacement may be delayed. However, localities with hard water supply may have to replace their pipelines sooner. Lead pipes are even more harmful as they can leak lead into drinking water and create health hazards. Polybutylene pipes are more susceptible to breakages.

Copper pipes are lead free and restrict growth of bacteria. They provide clean water, and high water pressure in faucets and showers. Copper pipes last decades and are the best choice for a long-term plumbing solution.

It is important to understand the type of plumbing in your home along with having periodic inspections, maintenance and replacing deteriorating pipes as needed. Avoiding these system check ups will only result in costly repairs and replacements.

It may be time to consider copper repiping if…

  • Galvanized pipes have started to leak or corrode
  • Pipes have stained, dimpled, or flaked
  • Water leaking or dampness in concrete slabs or foundation
  • Sporadic leakages in some areas
  • The Shower pressure is low or there are sudden temperature changes in the shower
  • Garden hose water pressure is weak
  • Tap water is discolored – looks brown or yellow due to rust
  • Foul odor emanating from taps
  • Drinking water has a metallic taste
  • Washing machine taking much longer to fill water
  • Spots or stains on the laundry

Here are a few tips to ensure your pipes run smoothly all year along:

  • Get an annual inspection and maintenance scheduled every year to keep a watch on potential leakages and repair any existing plumbing problems
  • Consider replacing exposed pipes in the basement, utility room, crawlspace, lofts, and such easy-to-reach areas.
  • Consider replacing any exposed pipes passing through the open walls and floors when you remodel your house or a room. This will give you an opportunity to replace pipes in hard-to-get areas while the project is in progress.
  • Consider replacing your old galvanized pipes with copper pipes to save tremendous cost, avoid major problems and safeguard health of family.

Same Day Service technicians are fully trained and experienced to handle the jobs and specialize in repiping water lines. Our trusted technicians will do a thorough inspection of your current plumbing system to identify any pressing issues and confirm if your pipes need a replacement.

For more information on our copper repiping services, Contact Us or call us at 1-888-937-3350 for an estimate today!

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