Preparing for Spring Allergy Season

prepping for allergy season

Preparing for Spring Allergy Season

Most people welcome warmer weather, especially after months of cold temperatures. For people with allergies, however, spring means sneezing, stuffy noses and red, watery eyes. If you’d like to minimize the impact of springtime allergies, consider these useful tips.

Proactive Strategies

To fend off allergic reactions, it’s important to avoid troublesome stimuli that cause or worsen attacks. These include:

  • Avoiding alcohol: Because it dilates the blood vessels inside the nose, alcohol can worsen asthma and hay fever.
  • Cooking fruit: Many people are shocked to find out that fruit pollen can prompt an immune response. You can minimize this by cooking your fruit.
  • Staying inside after storms: Since they stir up pollen, rain storms can worsen allergies in the short-term.
  • Going easy on hair products: Sticky hair styling gels behave like pollen-attracting magnets.
  • Reducing stress: Research suggests that stress can intensify allergy symptoms by upping the body’s production of allergy-triggering proteins.
  • Cleaning fans: Regularly clean the blades of your fans to keep them from propelling dust into the air.
  • Showering before bedtime: This rinses allergens from your body and keeps them from building up in your bed.
  • Bathing pets: Your pet’s coat attracts a lot of pollen. Be sure to clean it regularly.
  • Maintaining your AC: Make sure your air conditioning unit is properly maintained.

Purifying Your Home’s Air

Even the best strategies can’t completely keep pollen out of your home. Fortunately, you can drastically reduce interior allergens with the help of a whole-home air filtration system. Not only do these innovative devices eliminate airborne pollen; they also trap bacteria, mold spores, viruses and other pollutants.

Same Day Service Plumbing, Heating and Air, Inc. can equip your home with an affordable, state-of-the-art air purifier system. Let one of our skilled technicians provide you with a thorough analysis of your indoor air to identify any unseen allergens and pollutants that may be lurking beneath your nose. Contact our office today at 1-888-937-3350 for your assessment and quote.

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