5 Tips for Protecting Your Pipes During the Winter

5 Tips for Protecting Your Pipes During the Winter

Are you ready for winter? You may be looking forward to the season of snow, but are your pipes
prepared? Here’s how to keep them from freezing this year:

Bundle Up

Insulating your pipes will help prevent freezing. Cold air won’t have as much access to the pipes, helping
them stay warm enough to keep from freezing up. This is especially good for metal pipes.

Drip, Drip, Drop

No one wants to waste water, but one of the easiest ways to prevent pipes from freezing in the winter is
to keep water moving through them. Simply turn on your tap and let it drip slowly throughout the
evening. Turn it off in the morning and remember to run water through the system every now and then
throughout the day. The minimal amount of water you lose in doing this is small change compared to
the massive cost of plumbing repair or replacement if you don’t.

Heat Things Up

Applying heat is a great way to keep your pipes from freezing. There are many hardware or plumbing
specialty stores that sell heat tape that can be applied directly to the outside of pipes to help keep them
warm. However, you can also simply turn up the heat in your home or the rooms where your pipes are

Open the Doors

Heat is no good if it can’t get to your pipes. To ensure that the heat you’re running in your home can
help you keep your pipes from freezing, you’ll need to open your cabinet doors. Anywhere you might
have access to pipes inside cabinets, drawers, etc., you should open those doors to allow heat to get to
and help maintain the safety of your pipes.

Make Necessary Repairs

Cracks, ill-fitted pipes, and leaks can make for pipes that freeze much easier than those that aren’t in
need of repairs. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to detect these issues unless you keep a careful eye on
your pipes before, during, and after cold weather comes to stay.

To get your plumbing checked and prepared for winter, contact your local plumbing experts at Same
Day Service Plumbing. We’ll help you keep your pipes safe and working properly all winter long. Contact
us today for maintenance or repairs before old man winter makes a mess of your plumbing!

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